A great week celebrating Tet in Nghe An.

I spent a fantastic week in Nghe An with my friend Hau and his family. Here with his wife Tum and son Ole......
Last year I celebrated Tet with my friend Hau in his home Town of Nghe An, which is situated 220kms south of Hanoi. I was the first Westerner to visit his home and the first one that most of the people in the town had ever seen. It was an amazing experience, people would come out of their house to say hello and invite us in for some tea, beer or wine. Kids would follow us around the market, and some people wanted to touch me, seriously ha ha. A few people nearly fell off their bikes as they turned their heads to have a second look...
The ladies in the market tell my friend how handsome I am ( as they chop the head off another live chicken) Eating breakfast (Ban Cuon) Steamed Pancakes and drinking Rice Wine at 7am. Sitting on the floor with Hau's family eating great Vietnamese food, toasting with Rice Wine & meeting some of the loveliest, friendliest, most generous people I have ever met..My advise to anyone travelling through Vietnam is get off the beaten track and meet some locals, then you see the real Vietnam. A week I will always remember. Thanks Hau.
One of the nieces (Anh). Who having never seen a westerner could hardly look at me for three days.
The market entrance.
A funny afternoon in Nghe An. My friend Daniel helped this older lady cross the bridge with her bike fully loaded. When he got to the other side we had to help pull it up the bank as it didn't have enough power...Then he had to drive a drunken guy's bike across the other way and I had to help walk the drunk cross...I thought he was going to drag me in, when you are on the bridge it feels very unsafe...
Tet Sticky Rice Cakes...Hau's wife & father prepare Rice Cakes (Banh Chung) a traditional food made for Tet. Banh chung are traditionally wrapped in the large green leaves called la dong, which is related to arrowroot.
A normal meal with Hau's family. Complete with beer & rice wine.
Tet decorations.
More lovely people, this girl spoke english so they brought her over to meet me. But she was just too shy to talk....A nice family.
Boats dressed for Tet in the harbour.
Even the boats sitting on the beach were decorated for Tet..
Everyone is so friendly.
The Bonsai is over 40 years old and costs over 300 Million Dong...$18000 Aus.

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Is there anyway to sponsor or adopt a child..

28.02 | 13:36

Love it, I miss Myanmar very much —

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