Chiang Mai.

Red Ants & their Eggs

Ant eggs are a delicacy in Northern and N.Eastern Thailand. Especially  Red Ant Eggs ( Kai Mot Daeng) which are available in many local markets. But many Thai people like to go & collect the ant eggs by themselves and this can prove to be a hazardous exercise as the Red ants do not take kindly to having their nest interfered with and will fiercely protect it.... So collect the eggs at your own risk.!!

 Red ant eggs can be prepared in many ways. They can be eaten raw in a salad “Yam Kai Mot Daeng” which is sometimes served along with the ants as well, made into a soup known as “Kaeng Kai Mot Daeng”, added to an omelet “kai Jiow Kai Mot” and can even be lightly salted, wrapped in banana leaves and roasted for a tasty snack ‘Kai Mot Daeng Op”. Red ant eggs when eaten raw are soft and juicy with a slightly sour lemony taste.

Red ants may be small but you will certainly know when you’ve been bitten by one. Having been bitten a couple of times by Red ants, I can tell you that the bite is very painful and you won't forget it in a hurry....

The Panda exhibition.
Just chillin.

Chiang Mai Zoo

The zoo’s star animals are undoubtedly the Pandas, which are on a 10-year loan from China, and for which you have to pay extra to see. That’s partly because they have to live in an air-con enclosure, which rumour has it even has occasional artificial snowstorms… which brings us on to the “snow dome”, another popular attraction for Thais who’ve never seen snow before, and which also charges a separate entrance fee. The snow dome, of moderate interest to Westerners, is a kind of overgrown deep-freeze with a toboggan slope and igloo among its attractions.

As zoos go, this is a pretty good one and it’s definitely the best the kingdom has to offer. Most animals appear well looked after in spacious cages or fenced off areas and though some enclosures, such as that for the monkeys, still leave a lot to be desired, the zoo is always upgrading and improving its facilities. It was Ok for an asian zoo and the huge bird aviary was nice to wonder through. 

The Pandas are very popular, always a line up to see them.
Victoria Crowned Pigeon, they make this single bass note which just sounds good.Maybe its the frequency but I loved the sound.
Metallic Pigeon.
Sleeping Monkey.
Beautiful Orchids at the zoo..

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Is there anyway to sponsor or adopt a child..

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Love it, I miss Myanmar very much —

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Phnom Penh seems a good place to try and have fun. I would like to plan a tour fo there after mine

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Kuala Lumpur seems a great place to try and have fun. I am thinking to visit this place after my to have fun.

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